Piraeus Datastore

HA Datastore for Kubernetes

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100% Open Source, 100% Cloud Native

DEPLOY $ kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/piraeusdatastore/piraeus/master/deploy/all.yaml

High Available

Supports 1/2/3 replica numbers for persistent volumes. Piraeus place the replicas intelligently across the nodes to balance the workload.


Linux Native

DRBD, as the core component, has been a part of Linux kernel for 10 years. LVM, as the backend, is also a Linux cornerstone. There is no un-battle-tested new stack in data plane.



Manages data accessibility and availability without the need to integrate a complex storage API. All the configurations are explicit and human-readable.


High Performance

DRBD-9 has great data replication efficiency. It provides synchronous,semi-synchronous and asynchronous replication schemes, and also supports RDMA for high-speed across-node connection.


Cloud Agnostic

Piraeus can run on all kinds of storage medium: RAID, SAN, NAS or EBS. It unifies storage system across different clouds, both public and private.



Fully supports OpenSSL encryption and LDAP authentication. Also provides data encryption at DRBD level. Integrates secret-key management with KVDB, AWS-KMS and Azure Key-Vault.